Eastbrook Paddock Identifier

Navigating your way around a large Australian country farm is in many ways simpler and in other ways much more difficult than navigating around city. One the one hand, there are no traffic lights and there no traffic jams (except around the lunch shed when someone has cooked hot scones for Morning tea)! On the other hand, the farm does not have numbered plots along named streets. Navigation on a country farm is done by major landmarks and the plots of land adjacent to them often bear their name.

As you find the plot of land on which your Brussels sprouts were grown, you will discover how we at Eastbrook Vegetable Farms have named our paddocks after important landmarks on our farms.

Eastbrook Vegetable Farms began with the acquisition of one site just outside of the Adelaide Hills town of Mount Barker. Since then, we have added three additional sites: Hay Valley and Nairne (both nearby in the Adelaide hills) as well as Langhorne Creek some 44km south southeast of the original farm, in an area overlooking the beautiful Lake Alexandrina.

Having different paddocks on different properties, each with their own unique micro-climate, allows us to have a longer growing season for sprouts meaning you can enjoy them almost all year round.

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