Kalettes are a brand new vegetable, combining the best flavours of brussels sprouts and kale, resulting in a mild, sweet and nutty fusion. Kalettes are an incredibly versatile vegetable, they can be eaten raw, baked, stir-fried, grilled or steamed.

The inspiration behind Kalettes came from a desire to create kale type vegetable which was versatile, easy to prepare and looked great. The result is a new superfood with fantastic flavour.

Kalettes are the first new vegetable Australians have seen in over a decade.  They were developed by the British seed company, Tozer seeds, and were 15 years in the making. Kalettes are non-GMO and were developed using traditional hybridisation techniques.


Where to Buy Kalettes

Kalettes are a specialist vegetable that have a specific growing season in Australia. You will be able to find them in specialty vegetable stores and fine food supermarkets between May and September each year.

Out of season

Please return to our website between May and September and we will provide you with a list of retailers that are most likely to have Kalettes in stock.

In season

The best way for you to ensure that you have access to Kalettes is to ask the store manager at your local vegetable store or fine food supermarket to order them in for you. Please feel free to pass on our telephone number to them: 08 8391 1922.

Alternatively, we have arranged for selected retailers to hold extra stock of Kalettes so that you can visit them for stock. Click here to view the list. We advise that you call them in advance to ensure that they have not sold out during this busy period of high demand.

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