Wedge Pivot


City based people may have looked out of the window of an aeroplane and wondered what the perfect circles of green are in the middle of the outback. Sometimes it looks like there are 20 perfect circular cricket grounds all in close proximity. These green circles are often pivot paddocks; farming plots that are served by a large irrigation device that pivots around a central water source. The Wedge Pivot paddock forms part of the Langhorne Creek land holdings of Eastbrook Vegetable Farms. The layout of the paddock restricts the movement of the pivot, preventing it covering a full circle but rather just 2/3. As such, it looks like a pie with a big wedge taken out … and hence its name. Wedge Pivot has various soil types from an exceptionally light white sand through to a heavy sandy clay. This paddock receives careful soil and irrigation management and the soil is always protected with soil conditioning cover crops growing when it is not growing sprouts. When it is being used for sprouts, nutrition needs careful attention through frequent light fertilising to promote consistent growth throughout the life of the plants.