Rhubarb Patch


This paddock formed part of the original Eastbrook farm that the Samwell family bought when relocating from their Summertown property that was destroyed in the 1984 Ash Wednesday bushfires. They grew rhubarb in Summertown and this paddock was used to grow rhubarb for the first 20 years after their move. The soil and growing conditions were never perfect for rhubarb but there was an emotional connection with this family history. As Eastbrook Vegetable Farms slowly became known for their expertise in growing Brussel Sprouts, the rhubarb was relinquished in favour of the glorious brassica … but the paddock name has remained Rhubarb Patch ever since. This paddock is situated on a ridgeline and therefore has light sandy/silty soil. It has some sandstone dotted throughout the top portion of the field and 3 prominent gum trees on the right-hand side. It is quite a windy site, especially in springtime. Because of the light soil and its free draining capabilities, this paddock is favoured for early spring plantings or later summer plantings.

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