Joes Pivot


Joes Pivot forms part of the Eastbrook Vegetable Farms holding in Langhorne Creek.  In the 1800’s, famers held smaller portions of land, usually with their allotments being identified by the surname of the owner. This paddock has long been used as a farming property with Eastbrook Vegetable Farms purchasing it in 2014. They bought it from a family who had in turn purchased it from another farmer in 1968. The name Joes Pivot for this paddock had predated the sale in 1968 so its origin is not known – perhaps dating back to the days of European settlement in the area around 1860. What is certain if that three consecutive farming families and at least 5 generations (including the grandchildren at Eastbrook Vegetable Farms) have known this paddock by this name making it one of the oldest paddock names we have. The soil at Joes Pivot is relatively uniform with a few sandy portions and some heavier sodic clay along the boundary. Sand spread over the clay has improved the soil significantly in the last few years. This paddock receives careful soil and irrigation management and the soil is always protected soil conditioning cover crops growing when it is not growing sprouts.