Cherry North Patch


This paddock, like the Rhubarb Patch paddock, formed part of the original Eastbrook farm that the Samwell family bought when relocating from their Summertown property that was destroyed in the 1984 Ash Wednesday bushfires. The north side of this paddock was once a cherry orchard where Eastbrook Vegetable Farms grew cherries for about 10 years before the orchard became infected by disease and the orchard was lost. Cherry North Patch is situated on the backside slope of the Rhubarb Patch and shares similar soil characteristics. The ridgeline is a very balanced light clay, whilst the sloping portion of the land is a noticeably light silt on steep slopes which can be prone to erosion if not managed well. The silty nature of this paddock means that it requires regular nutrient management in order to maintain good even growth.